Engineering Board

Engineering Board

Tailor-made solutions

Customized Solutions

Customers are constantly under pressure to produce increased output but are often restricted by the physical factory space. Thanks to its extensive technical engineering expertise, Texa Packaging can provide customized solutions to solve these limitations. Three examples are highlighted below.


Fully automatic laminate tube packaging line

This solution contains a conveyor connection with passage, a tube packaging machine, a carton forming station with camera surveillance.

Added to this is a labeling system, sheet dispensing unit and finally a cover dispensing system.

Optimized can packaging line

An overhead conveyor is used in this solution to optimize space, connected to the can packaging machine. Then a robot with a vacuum plate unit is used for bundle and full-layer palletizing.

Refillable magazines, pallets, paper, cardboard and covers are available in this option, as well as a freely selectable palette binding unit.

Special conveyors

To meet any space limitations customer factories may have Texa Packaging can provide a number of tailored conveyors including overhead and curved conveyors.