Can packing machine

Technical data

Ø Length V
22-35 mm up to 260 mm 230 cans/minute
35-55 mm up to 260 mm 200 cans/minute
50-66 mm up to 260 mm 200 cans/minute

Note for all machines:

  • Speed limits are dependent on the bundle orientation.
  • Machines available outside the stated technical parameters upon request.


Your benefits

  • Ideal for aerosol cans, bottles with different apertures, and tablet tubes
  • Optimal grouping of cans – patented
  • Simple and rapid changeover of form sets (max. 15 minutes)
  • Fast and soft strapping via servo-controlled process
  • Synchronous can transfer
  • High production reliability and security

Required space

L:    7670 mm

W:   2420 mm

H:    2550 mm

Technical drawing