BU2000 Cartridge-packing machine

BU2000 Cartridge-packing machine

The Technology

Cartridge-packing machine for bundles with or without nozzles

The BU2000 is a compact cartridge-bundling machine available for left-right or right-left operation on request. An integrated bypass section allows subsequent process steps to be carried out flexibly.

The BT2200ASV aluminum tube and cartridge-packing machine packs cartridges in boxes.

Your Benefits

  • Lower space requirement due to compact machine size
  • Packing with or without nozzles possible

Technical Data

Cartridge Ø 47 - 50 mm
Body length L = 230 mm
Total length 230 - 340 mm
Vmax 130 cartridges/minute


  • Machine speeds depend on the bundle orientation
  • Machines with other technical specifications are available on request.


BU200 Texa Packing ¦ Cartridge-Packing machine