BSBT2300 serie can-packing machine

BSBT2300 Can Packer

BSBT2300 series

Can-packing machine

The BSBT2300 series is unique and currently the most versatile aerosol can-packing machine worldwide. This machine is extremely versatile. Thanks to the modular design, bundling, full-layer palletizing and box packing can be extended in stages as required.

Your Benefits

  • Ideal for aerosol cans, bottles with different openings and tablet tubes.
  • Optimal grouping of cans (patented)
  • Quick and easy changeover of form sets (max. 20 minutes)
  • Fast and gentle strapping via servo-controlled process
  • Synchronous can transport from the upstream machine
  • High production reliability and security

Technical Data

Can Ø Length Speed
22 - 35 mm up to 230 mm 210 cans/minute
35 - 53 mm up to 260 mm 210 cans/minute
53 - 84 mm up to 290 mm 200 cans/minute


  • Machine speeds depend on the bundle orientation                                                                 
  • Machines with other technical specifications are available on request.                                                                        
BSBT2300 serie can-packing machine